Friday, February 24, 2012

The Interviews of a Clown...

Howdy folks! This weekend on The Kate-cast, we'll be taping an interview with director of Cirque Berzerk, Cirque du Soleil clown, and co-writer of Kooza, Joshua Zehner.

Any questions you'd like me to ask?

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  1. What were you like in your fourth grade class? Were you the figety kid who drove his teacher crazy? were you the kid always hanging upside down from the monkey bars? Did you break a lot of bones when you were younger?
    Were you studious and focused as a kid. Do you think you are - at your core - a serious and introverted person?
    Did you always day dream in circus and imagine the time you would grow up to be a clown?
    Are you distracted by the audiences during your performances? (Crickets or applause)
    Have you ever been injured during one of your performances? How did you handle it?